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Senior Camper Leader

Eileen Christie has been coming to this longer than anyone else! She has seen many youth come to Christ and has a passion to see even more saved.

Camp Director

Pastor Dave is the Camp Director here at Unbound. He is currently the Senior pastor at Elim Church Leytonstone in London. As the new director he has some big plans for the camp that will be coming under way throughout the next few years.



Each year we have a team of volunteers that help to run the week for the youth. We have many teams that need people just like you includinng kitchen staff, night guards, cleaning, recreation and many more! A bonus for staff with toddlers/babies is we have a shift care group that will look after your children whilst you are working. The week prior to the camp is set up week and we need volunteers to help. This is a big job which takes 3-4 days to complete plus the necessary day or two to recuperate before the camp begins. For more information read the application form which is linked below.


Meet the Team:


1. When is the camp?
This will be from midday Saturday the 30th July until Saturday the 6th August 2016.

2. What does it cost?

The prices this year to be on staff are £85.



2. What does it cost for staff children?

Ages 13 and up £85

Ages 5-12 £60

Ages 0-4 go free

Tent hire are £20

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